Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Supporting Labs In Need

I have created several designs for the Labrador Retriever rescue group called LABMED. They are an internet-based, non-profit group who raise and distribute money to aid sick and injured Labs, many of whom are found lost or abandoned and need to be adopted by new homes upon recovery. LABMED has been helping Labradors in need for 10 years, but in this milestone year they need your help more than ever to raise funds. I am donating all of my LABMED designs and on-line store services as well as 100% of profits from products sold with these custom designs to this worthy group. Please help by purchasing fun products with designs featuring Buddy, the Labrador Retriever who started it all.

There are currently 3 designs available and more are coming. Visit my shop to purchase great gifts for dog lovers and support LABMED.

To learn more about LABMED visit their website. Visit LABMED