Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Labrador Retriever Holidays

While I am never one to be ready for Christmas early, many of my customers are. I start selling Christmas cards in July when I am still painting summer scenes. This year I got a couple of new designs up early. Here is one of them. This silly black Labrador is stealing Santa's hat. It won't get him on the "good dog gift list", but Santa has a sense of humor and knows Labs just like to have fun. The verse inside reads: Enjoy the Moment, Happy Holidays. Of course, it is available with Chocolate and Yellow Labradors since they can be badies too. See all of my OtterTail Lab Art Labrador Retriever and dog Christmas and Holiday Cards. Many designs are also avaiable on shirts and gift items in my OtterTail Art for Dog Lovers Shop.

My own Labs don't steal, but enjoy a fast and fun "go dog go" (aka tuck your butt and run wild and crazy) with toys or just when the mood strikes them. I took in a Lab that was a thief though and had been for 8 1/2 years before he came to live with us. It was a hard habit to break! But we had success with perseverence and great rewards the moment he made the right choices. I still remember the first time he voluntarily turned toward me with his stolen goods (usually socks from the laundry basket). I dropped to the floor and started praising him like mad and he couldn't resist but come all the way in to collect his lovin'. It was a big turning point for him. I made sure stealing was not fun, but bringing things to me always was rewarded. Now that he understands the rules he can once again enjoy happy chase games, but ONLY when he has a legal toy in his mouth. It's a win-win situation - my favorite outcome for all dog training.