Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Labrador Retriever art website - New!

My new OtterTail Lab Art website is ready for testing. Everyone please take a moment to check it out and let me know if anything does not work. I try to test every page on several browsers before uploading, but I have a new glitch this time. My version of Internet Explorer is quite old and they no longer seem to be making a version for Macs. I am having trouble with my new Labrador Retriever paintings page. I have created links to buy fine art prints of my Dog and Lab paintings, but my IE browser version has trouble accessing the Imagekind site at all. If anyone reading this uses IE, please take a moment to test my links and let me know your results. I want to be sure everything is working so you can find the Lab prints you want as easily as possible! If you go to my Labrador Retriever paintings page and click any of the "Buy Fine Art Print" buttons that will be all the test I need. Tons of thanks in advance to anyone with a moment to help and let me know how it works!!

Just for fun I've included this October picture of my chocolate Lab puppy, Nissa, getting dried off after her daily swim. Isn't she a cutie?