Thursday, January 21, 2016

Hand Painted Cute Black and White Dog

Introducing Zen Dog Too.   He is made of wood and is 13 inches long by nearly 15 inches high, 3 inches wide.   Hand-painted and covered with a protective coat, he will be faithfully adorable in any room of your home.   I don't think you would believe the hours I spent lost in creating his doodles, he will be the last of his kind.   Zen Dog Too is available to good homes only.  You can adopt him for $158.00 plus shipping.  He will make you smile.

He is, in fact, the second Zen Dog, but his name is not a typo.  Since there will be no more of these I am going with "also" instead of number "2".  Plus it matches his cuteness better.  Check out lots more of my artwork at