Friday, January 27, 2017

Horse Angel Painting - a Gift from a Horse

I created this painting as a gift for a friend after this horse, Chia, showed me this image and asked me to paint it for her.  Chia and another off-track thoroughbred race horse were retired to this loving person's stable.  Before long both horses, who arrived lame, developed serious founder.  After every effort to help them heal, it was decided the most humane decision was to euthanize them.  Knowing I practice animal communication, my friend asked me to communicate with the horses and tell them how sorry she was and how much she loved them.  When I connected with Chia he already knew what had been decided and understood.  He wanted me to let our friend know that he appreciated all she had done, that she did help him feel better, and he hoped she would try again with future horses.  He was so sweet and gracious, as the animals usually are when I connect with them.  He wanted her to know he would be galloping free and fast across the heavens with a light heart.  I kept the image he had shown me in my head and did my best to recreate it in this angel horse painting on canvas.  Now our friend has it as a memory of sweet Chia and a tribute to the other horses she has tried to help and will continue to help in the future.

It was my honor to communicate with Chia and all of the other animals with whom I have connected.
If you would like to schedule a telepathic animal connection with any of your pets or animals in your life please visit my animal communication web page for information.  You don't need to live nearby, my communications are done long distance via email with a photo of your pet.  The animal can be here now or passed-on, so don't hesitate if you want to make this connection.

If you would like a print of this painting, please contact me.