Monday, July 29, 2013

Yellow Lab Puppy and Girl Share Ice Cream Painting

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!  Does anybody say that anymore?  This painting brings back fond memories for me.  I did not have Labs when I was young, but I had mutts that I loved and I was happy to share my treats.  The truth is, I may still be caught sharing.

The title of this acrylic on canvas panel is "Double Dip - Ice Cream for Two".  This is my first real attempt at painting a person, so I consider it an experimental piece and it is priced as such.  Make it yours for a mere $188.00 (plus shipping).  It is 9 x 12", unframed.

Contact me to purchase this original painting.  You can pay by sending a check or through PayPal.  It's the perfect picture for these hot summer days!  Perhaps you will want to rotate it with one of my other Labrador paintings during the winter.  Now that's a fun and simple seasonal decorating idea!

Not ready to splurge on an original painting? Prints are available in many sizes and you can have them matted and framed so they arrive ready to hang.  That makes unique art affordable to everyone!  Visit my OtterTail Dog Art Print Gallery to shop for "Double Dip" and other dog painting prints which are also available on stretched canvas, metal and acrylic.  Choose the surface to fit your own style!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Yellow Lab Puppy Painting

This one was fun! Cute little Tater has grown up some since the reference photo was taken. This yellow Labrador portrait painting will help keep the lasting memory of her puppy days.  I am often commissioned to paint portraits of elderly pets or those that have already crossed over the bridge.  It was loads of fun to work on this girl with all of her puppy wrinkles!
I couldn't resist adding a little excitement to the background since she is such a fun, up-beat girl.  My collector gave me free rein to choose the background and loved the result.  (I did show her a preview early in the process in case she had a different idea.)
So why not send me your photos and preserve those silly puppy days, kitten antics, or foal follies?  You don't need to wait until your best bud is a sophisticated senior to capture a memory.  Portrait commissions start at $275 and it's a fun process - I promise :-).  For more information check out my OtterTail Dog Art Portrait Painting page.
 Thanks again Tammy and Tater!! May you enjoy many happy years together.

Monday, July 08, 2013

Shepherd mix dog portrait painting

Here is one of my latest dog portrait paintings.  This girl was very lucky.  Her mom was adopted from a shelter with no knowledge that she was pregnant at the time.  A month or so later she surprised her new owner with a litter of multi-mix puppies.  Being kind-hearted, she raised the babies and found them all good homes.  This girl went to some close relatives who are also real dog lovers.  She has had a great life!  All dogs who start out with rough beginnings should be so lucky.

They tell me Griffin is the smartest dog ever - and usually in control of every situation!  I hope she likes this painting I did to honor her.  I admit that all the different colors of hair that appear on her face were a challenge for me to capture and retain my abstract style.  It was a good learning experience!

The background colors were chosen to coordinate with the owners' home and other artwork.  I am happy to make a background to fit someone's needs or you can leave me to my own intuition and I'll choose a background the subject suggests to me.  Yes, I talk to all of them -- and my fairies that come in the night to add their magic touches to the work I have done during the day!  I am ok with the idea that people want art to match their decor, so don't be shy - contact me to design a pet portrait painting of your own.