Thursday, July 12, 2012

Dog Portrait Painting - German Shepherd Rescue Dog

Recently finished this commissioned portrait painting of a german shepherd dog.  She has the most wonderful big ears!  As always, it is rewarding that her family is thrilled with the painting.

This sweet girl was added to her family as a rescued dog.  She had been abused and was afraid of many things.  She latched on to her new "Dad" and has been his girl ever since.  Her whole family has worked hard to help her overcome many of  her fears.  Sadly, some lessons learned when young have a long lasting effect on the soul and she still has security issues.  She is much loved and receives all the patience she needs.  She is a very lucky dog now!
It was an honor to paint her and get to know her a little bit.  I always try to make a connection with the animals I paint.  I admit she was harder than others.  I did not know as much about her past until I sent the final proof.  Now that I know I think she was keeping her defenses up with me too.  I hope she likes this tribute to her and will lower her guard just a little bit more to let the love in.

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