Saturday, December 10, 2011

Black Lab Painting - A Rescue Dog has a Happy Christmas

This black Labrador portrait painting is a surprise Christmas gift, so if you recognize him - shhhhh! Don't tell! It's funny that I feel pretty safe about posting it because it's for my husband and he does not read my blog. He already knows everything I'm up to. Heh heh, or so he thinks.

This is our rescue dog, Butch. If you've been following along you have probably read Butch's sad story by now. Click on his name here if not. He squeezed his way into my husband's heart despite much resistance and now they are inseparable.

Butch does not swim, but he loves to walk in the water right up to his chin. I think it makes his arthritic hips feel good and I know it strengthens his muscles without abusing his joints, so I'm glad he likes it. The painting is from once such day as Butch stood deep in our muddy pond, sparkling wet in the sun. He has very sweet deep brown eyes. I had to paint this on the sly as hubby came and went. That was quite a feat - I think he will like it though, so it will all be worthwhile.

It is too late to schedule any new dog portrait paintings for Christmas this year, I have 3 more in the works right now. However, if you have a special someone you would like to thrill, we can still arrange a gift certificate and create your own masterpiece in 2012. Check the information on my OtterTail Labrador Art website, then email me (