Friday, September 25, 2009

Chocolate Lab Wins Rally Classes at Wine Country

I am proud to say my young chocolate Lab, Nissa, won her first 2 Rally classes at the Wine Country circuit dog shows yesterday and today. Both classes had 21 dogs entered, but not the same dogs both days. While I could definitely see room for improvement on both exercises I was also happy that she won and did as well as she did (98 and 99 points out of 100). Nissa turned 19 months old a few days ago, and she still has some of that teenager attitude. I think she worked harder when she was 9 months old. But, I also expect her to grow back into that good work ethic as she matures - they usually do. The best part as far as Nissa was concerned (aside from spending a couple of days out with Mom and getting extra special attention), was that she won 3 bags of gourmet treats today and a cool football toy yesterday that makes a crazy noise. Come Sunday we will all be ready for some football!! Thanks for the nice prizes Onondaga and Kanadasaga Kennel clubs. And thanks for being my sweetie-pie and doing a good job my "Chocolate Muffin", Lobuff OtterTail Noble Nissa.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Black Lab Mix Foster Rescue Dog Gets Adopted

I didn't even get a chance to write about Rowdy and he is gone! Such a sweet soul - rescued from death-row at one kill-shelter in KY by another, but the 2nd could give him more time plus they (Bowling Green Humane Society) have a great arrangement with rescue groups around the east coast. Through that system Rowdy got to come to Rudy's Rescue for Labrador Retrievers in NY and to foster care with us. A sweet, gentle soul who had clearly been someone's dog before, who knows how he came to such misfortune as to be on death-row, but thank goodness he was given another chance.

Rowdy (or, "not the Rowdy" as he became known among friends) is probably 6-8 yrs old and loves affection with people more than anything. Well-behaved in the house except for a few minor marking incidents, he is probably the easiest foster dog I have ever had -- and the shortest! Why is it it works that way?? He is moving in with a gentle woman, a cat that adopted her, and her 95-yr-old father who has always loved dogs. Rowdy will get to keep him company when his new mom is away and he will get to cuddle on the couch with her and sleep in bed. For a dog who lives for affection I think this is a very good match.

Still, fostering is hard. You can't help but get attached and protective for the dogs who share your home and your life, if even for a short time. You want to find the best home for every one of them. And then when you do and they leave - well, even though you are happy for them it is almost like a death in the family. You feel the missing energy. There is a quietness. A loss. I love them all in one way or another and they all affect my life. I hope I affect their lives in a positive way. Good luck on your final voyage Rowdy, my friend. One more home - the last home - to live happily ever after.