Thursday, November 13, 2014

Black Lab and Yellow Labrador dogs lead Santa's Reindeer

One of my new Christmas designs for 2014 is this dynamic trio of two Labrador Retrievers leading one of Santa's reindeer to the sleigh in preparation for his long night's work.  All are filled with the excitement of Christmas! 

This design is available in my Labrador and Dog Christmas Cards gallery as well as on prints of various sizes and greeting cards in my OtterTail Lab Art print gallery.  These are two of my shops and both printers make high quality Christmas cards with my Labrador and dog designs.

This design is also available with a black Labrador and a chocolate Lab leading the reindeer.  I know very well that Labrador lovers have their favorite colors!  I like to keep everyone happy.  If you would like this design with 2 black Labs (always popular) or any other color combination I will be happy to set it up for you. --- As long as they are REAL colors.  Labrador Retrievers come in three colors - black, yellow and chocolate.  The whole silver, charcoal, champagne and other crazy colors people have come up with lately are recent mix breeds, not true Labradors.  I'm sure there are lovely dog souls among them, but as a traditional Lab lover I cannot recognize the "flavor of the month" dogs that are offered by breeders who only care about money and not the health and integrity of the breed.

Just to set the record straight, I personally have loved many mixed breed dogs.  Both those I have owned and those I fostered for rescue groups when they were in need.  I love all dogs.  I paint portraits of dogs of many breeds and mixes and consider that an honor.  I offer animal communication with all dogs of any heritage.  It is the unscrupulous, devious breeders that I am against - not the dogs!  Here's to the pure hearts of dogs everywhere!!  May all people find that level of love and integrity within themselves.

So, off my soapbox, I am happy to offer this and many other Christmas and holiday cards designs featuring black, yellow, and/or chocolate Labradors and other breeds.  My ever-growing collection is sure to tickle your fancy if you are a dog lover looking to share some fun and happy canine spirit this holiday season!