Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Give the Gift of a Memory, Commission a Pet Portrait Painting

Here is my latest dog artwork commission.  This yellow Lab portrait painting has been enthusiastically approved by my collectors and will be heading home in a couple of days to be a surprise birthday gift for her Dog-Mom.  I hope she loves it too!

This sweet yellow girl was caught sunning on the back patio.  Like all good Labradors, she is ready in an instant if there is something to help with or fun to be had.  I cropped and edited the reference photo to exclude distracting details while maintaining the feeling of the moment.  Good quality reference photos lead to good paintings, but they don't have to be perfect in every aspect!

It's not too late to book a special holiday gift for someone you love and give a painting that will last a lifetime.  Our wonderful pets do not stay in our lives long enough - as I am feeling all too keenly having just lost two of my own.  I cherish the portraits I have of my dogs.  It is difficult to put into words how special these paintings have become to me.  I know that is true for many of my collectors as well.  Don't wait for a "better time", treat yourself or someone you love with a portrait painting of your own.  Visit my OtterTail Lab Art website for pet portrait painting information, then email me for details.

Pssst - only a couple of openings left for the holidays, but gift certificates make wonderful presents and allow the recipient to be involved in the process.  Even last minute shoppers can be heros!