Friday, August 18, 2017

Painting of Two Gray Horses, OTTB Thoroughbred and Quarter Horse

"The Grays" is a painting of two paddock buddies at the stable where I ride.  City is an OTTB retired Thoroughbred and Buddy is a quarter horse.  Both are gray with freckles.  They shared their space with my favorite horse and a bunch of others.  (Buddy has since moved to his owner's land and the others now lounge in smaller groups.)  Always looking for treats that they knew I carried when I went to visit, this day I was ready with a camera as they posed so sweetly to ask for more goodies.  I chose them as my subjects for this quick, more abstracted painting than my usual portraits.  It was fun and freeing to push the paint around and let it drip, smear it and add some more.  I will definitely be doing more of this style for my dog paintings as well as horses and everything else.

The original painting has been sold.  Click over to the horse section of my OtterTail Art gallery at Amy Reges on Fine Art America to order a print of this two horse painting in the size that fits your space and on the surface of your choice.  If it is a shower curtain or a bedspread that strikes your fancy, good news! they are there!  Or choose a more traditional painting print and have it matted and framed before it is shipped.  SO many choices you will have tons of fun shopping!