Thursday, May 28, 2009

Black Lab Painting to Support Lab Rescue

This is the first rescue dog painting in my new series of Labrador paintings of dogs that have gone through the rescue program of the non-profit organization I volunteer with (Rudy's Rescue) or that I have rescued myself. I titled this one "Passing Through" in tribute to all rescue dogs who pass through many different, sometimes difficult, situations, shelters and foster homes on their journey to finding one "forever" home. Original acrylic on panel is available for sale as well as fine art prints. 40% of profits from the sale of prints, posters and the original will be donated to Labrador Retriever rescue.

Check back for more rescued Labrador Retriever paintings and support Lab rescue with your purchase. Buy Labrador Retriever prints and have 2 good things at once!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Much Loved (or Dogs with favorite animal friends)

They are a bedraggled crew, but still much loved. They have been carried, slept on, left out in the rain and snow and mud, shaken and tugged, ripped and sewn. Pink bunny has only 1 badly torn ear left, 1 leg and no eyes. She was a post Easter sale bunny in 2008 - just in time for my Nissa puppy to join the pack and still one of Nissa's favorites. Froggy is missing an eye and poor Ducky has only 1 wing, no feet, 1 eye and a patch over her quacker. They taught our puppy mill foster puppy how to play and we all still love the ribit and quacking noises they make. Oldest of all is the mighty reindeer. He is at least 25 years old now! He was a fancy stuffed animal gift to my husband back when we were caribou biologists in Alaska. When Tallulah joined the pack as a pup in January 2006 she eyed the precious reindeer until Jim finally gave in. She was relentless in shaking him by his leg and he bears the wounds to prove it. He has no antlers left and only 1 ear, his eyes are scratched and his coat is worn, but after 3 years of "tough love" he continues to be amazingly strong. Hang in there animals - I can't bring myself to throw you away and will continue to stitch as long as you can bear it. Yes, new toys are always fun, but there are those special ones who deserve to stay around even if visitors wonder why I keep such a sorry lot. Thanks for the memories.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Black Lab Birthday - Happy Rescue Dog

Happy Birthday Butch! He is 7 yrs old today and looking better than ever. I adopted Butch last June (2008) on the spur of the moment. His life-long owner had been in a terrible accident and would never be coming home or be able to care for a dog again. None of the local rescue groups had room or were willing to take an older large black male Labrador with skin problems and hip dysplasia. Butch could not go on living alone in a house with only 2 visits each day, so I drove out and got him. Here he is almost a year later and we think he has done pretty well for himself! Before he was happy, but he rarely went for walks - or anywhere since his owner was a recluse - and he had no dog friends or spent much time with people either. Here he enjoys daily romps with 4 or more other Labs and gets to go to hunting camp with "Daddy Jim" where they have many adventures. His previous owner never gave him any discipline because he was afraid Butch would not love him -- but since living here he has learned a lot. He had been inadvertently trained to do the opposite of what anyone said because they would quickly reach for biscuits to bribe him. It has been a hard habit to break and we are not finished yet, but he has made great progress. Mostly he is very well behaved and a sweet guy to have around. For the first 2 months he chose to spend most of his time alone in the coat closet and did not know about making eye contact or really relating to people. Now he is part of the family and eye contact on cue has been one of his best lessons. He has very sweet, soft brown eyes. Along the way I discovered that he was a sucker for cuddling and kisses - I don't think he got much of that before. Now every morning he asks me for hugs, kisses, nunus and ear rubs. Butch was the name he came with, but it hardly fits such a mild-mannered boy. He still does have a naughty side and somewhere along the way earned the name "B Quad" (as in B to the 4th) which stands for Big, Black, Bad Butch. Happy Birthday B Quad -- you old sweetie pie.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Painted Chair Donated for Auction, Keuka Lake, NY

And now for something completely different! I painted this chair for the Yates County NY Chair-ish Keuka Lake auction to benefit Yates ARC (which helps people with disabilities). I call it "Sunset by the Lake". It is a very large adirondack rocking chair. As soon as I saw it I thought it would be a great place to sit with a glass of wine watching the sun set over the lake, so I painted a scene to fit the mood. All of the chairs painted by area artists will be on display at various locations and then auctioned off at a gala event at Keuka College on July 12th from 12-4:00 pm. This was a new challenge for me and nice to give my time in a new way.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Best Dog or Labrador T Shirt Designs Online (Original Dog Art)

It's time to enjoy the warm weather and what could be more fun than wearing a unique, original artist design on your T shirt? I have decided to spotlight some of my most popular dog and Labrador art clothing. Tee shirts are great and are available in many colors, but I also offer fun dog art on sweatshirts, zip front hoodies, organic shirts, caps, aprons and an assortment of gift products.

I will start this series with a favorite dog painting converted 3 ways. This is my original "Wine is Best Shared with Friends" Labrador painting modified to print on t-shirts and apparel. Inspired by my own Labrador Retrievers who are wine lovers, you can choose from my paintings of a chocolate Lab, a yellow Lab, and a black Lab drinking red wine. It is a great dog print for many dog lovers since only the nose shows, so almost any brown, golden or black dog is represented. Shirts are available in loose and fitted styles on white and a variety of colors for women, men and woman's plus sizes. This popular dog design is one of many original and unique Labrador prints from OtterTail Lab Art.