Thursday, January 21, 2016

Hand Painted Cute Black and White Dog

Introducing Zen Dog Too.   He is made of wood and is 13 inches long by nearly 15 inches high, 3 inches wide.   Hand-painted and covered with a protective coat, he will be faithfully adorable in any room of your home.   I don't think you would believe the hours I spent lost in creating his doodles, he will be the last of his kind.   Zen Dog Too is available to good homes only.  You can adopt him for $158.00 plus shipping.  He will make you smile.

He is, in fact, the second Zen Dog, but his name is not a typo.  Since there will be no more of these I am going with "also" instead of number "2".  Plus it matches his cuteness better.  Check out lots more of my artwork at

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Year for 2016

Happy New Year Everyone!  I borrowed this pic from Mike Dooley who I love for his Notes from the Universe.  Join the Infinite Possibilities Project if you are so interested.  Whatever you do, I wish you all a happy, healthy new year filled with love and light!

Onward and Upward!

Friday, November 20, 2015

Labrador Dog Christmas Cards - A large selection

'Tis the season for connecting with friends and sending them tidings of joy.  I have an avid group of return customers for my Labrador Christmas Cards who insist on new designs every year.  Last season after I created a mellow single sailing Christmas Lab several people requested a design with two dogs for motor boat lovers and/or those who live in climates that are warm for the holidays.  So, here you go!  A black Lab and a yellow Labrador enjoy cutting the waves as the wind brings them great smells and sends ears flying.  Black and yellow Labrador motor boat Christmas cards are available in sets of 10 and 20 or as singles.  (Psst - sets of 20 are a better deal.)  The inside verse reads:  Hope Your Christmas is Full of Fun.  It's a very merry way to extend holiday wishes to friends and family.

Want some cold winter scenes instead?  There are plenty to choose from in my Labrador Christmas Card collection.  Designs are available in yellow Labs, black Labs, and chocolate Labradors, of course.  Be sure to scroll down for the sets of 20.  You can buy yourself a little holiday gift with the money you save. 

Friday, November 13, 2015

Rally Obedience Title for young Black Labrador

Is that a look of disbelief?  You can't imagine that I waited so long to announce your first AKC title?  Let's get right to it! 

Black Labrador, Mooki, earned  his Rally Novice obedience title at the Wine Country dog show circuit in New York at the end of September 2015.  He earned 99 points out of 100 on the first two legs and the judge loudly and pointedly - and politely - told me it was all my fault and not his.  Knock me on the head a few times to remind me that rally is looking for something different than regular obedience!  I finally got my act together so he earned 100 points on the third leg to finish his title.  He got second place and third place the first two days thanks to my error.  We won first place the last day and a nice bag of treats.  Good work for a 17-month-old boy at his first all-breed dog shows, and very large ones at that.  "Overwhelmed" was the word of the weekend.  Onward and upward to more life experiences Mooki.

Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Cool off with thoughts of Holiday snow

It seems funny to post an OtterTail Dog Art Christmas card during this heat wave we have been experiencing in the northeast.  Maybe it will help cool us down!  I know lots of my customers begin looking for holiday cards in August as I get requests every year, so it's definitely not too early to get started.  This fun design of 2 Labrador dogs leading one of Santa's reindeer is available in sets of 10, sets of 20, and beautifully made single greeting cards.  You can choose a black Lab with a chocolate Labrador if you prefer, or even 2 black Labs walking the reindeer out to the sleigh.  The verse inside reads:  May your Christmas be merry and bright.

Other new designs will be added for the 2015 holiday season soon.  Meanwhile, I'm feeling cooler already - just chillaxing while the Labs enjoy their job.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Zen Dog Painted Statue

 My first Zen Dog.  Ohmmm.

He was a joy to paint and I did, indeed, get totally caught up and carried away in the process.  He was started to be a fun, colorful, eye-catching addition to my artwork display at the newly rebuilt shelter of the Humane Society of Schuyler County in Montour Falls, NY.  I got so involved that he became a piece of art himself.  I now have a shelf full of wonderful items for sale at the shelter, including:
Zen dog is welcoming shoppers and bringing his own joy to the display.  To top it off, I am donating 30% of all sales of these items to support the Humane Society of Schuyler County.  It's a win-win situation for all!

This Zen Dog is approximately 17" wide from tip of toe to tail and 20" tall to the tip of his nose.  He is made of wood and finished with a protective coat of polyurethane.  Although he went outside to have his picture taken, he is meant to be a house dog to brighten any room in your home.  Zen Dog is looking for his own happy home.  His adoption fee is $138.00 plus shipping.  Are you the one?
zen dog red, yellow, blue painted with tangle designs

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

This portrait painting of two Labrador Retrieves was fun and challenging.  The background was requested to be reminiscent of the ocean.  Finding a nice flow of colors and variations was an interesting exercise when combined with making it a nice backdrop for both a black Lab and a yellow Lab side by side.  I always use some of the background colors in the animal colors.  I enjoy using a very limited palette for all of my paintings and strive to get color coordination by using the same few colors throughout, mixing my own rather than opening another tube.  In this case, the black coat is actually a mix including blue from the background with ochre and sienna and those colors are used to create the yellow Labrador's coat.  You may note in some of my previous Labrador paintings that I tend to use Alizarin crimson and Pthalo green as my favorite black mixture, but that would not have blended as well with the background and yellow Lab.  It is a good exercise to make myself use different combinations.

Did you think I used black paint from the tube to create a black Lab?  Nope - that was one of the first lessons I read about in attempting to teach myself to paint and I'm so glad I did.  Mixing colors adds much more richness and I love how each one peaks through as I shift the balance of the mixes.

Color challenges aside, both the owner and I love the result!  These two Labs are getting older now, so the owner asked me to turn back the clock a bit and take out some gray.  I may try that on a self portrait - LOL!

Would you love a pet portrait of your own?  Visit my OtterTail Dog Art Portrait page for basic information and then contact me.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Dog Painting Donated to New Shelter

I painted this dog portrait of Pit Bull, Maximus, as a gift for the Humane Society of Schuyler County to commemorate the opening of their fantastic new shelter.  The old dog shelter was a sad and sorry place.  Now they have a new warm and safe building that also houses the HSSC cats and has rooms for surgeries, grooming, meeting potential adopters, educational programs and fun gatherings.  Now, finally, all of the dogs have beds.  Max was the first to get one.

Maximus is the honorary "mayor" of the HSSC shelter.  Sadly, he has been in their care for 4 years, ever since he was about 6 months old.  Max is a very sweet guy.  He takes part in local parades and other events.  He even got to "cut" the ribbon at the opening of a new wine store.  He is waiting for a special someone to adopt him - I hope they find him soon!

It was my pleasure to donate this dog painting in honor of Max.  It is 16"x20" acrylic on canvas and hangs prominently on display in the new shelter building in Montour Falls, NY.

Monday, February 09, 2015

Tree Hugger Painting

I admit I have (at least) a couple of self-imposed hang-ups when it comes to painting.  One is that I find a white canvas uninspiring and the second is that I hate to waste paint.  So after I complete a painting project I satisfy both problems by using left over paint to awaken a blank white canvas that will be used for a future project.  I may do this once or multiple times before a canvas is chosen for its "real" job.

This painting called "Tree Hugger" was born through my waste-not process.  The background colors were layered smears of leftover paint from several other projects.  I also used it to test colors as I worked on another canvas.  It lay on the side table waiting to collect more dregs when I happened to have some extra brown mixed at the end of a dog portrait.

Inspired by the wild array of colors I used the brown to paint one of my regular activities - tree hugging.  I have been practicing animal communication for over a year now and discovered that it is also fun and easy to talk to the trees.  Turns out they are very wise.  I chose one tree I pass on my daily walks with my dogs to be my regular counselor.  It's a young ash tree - no different than the hundreds of others on our property.  It isn't as big as the tree in this painting, but I hug it anyway.  Trees have great energy.  I read this article the other day that confirms what I already felt - Trees Can Heal You.  If you haven't hugged a tree lately (or ever), I highly recommend it.

I hope you enjoyed a glimpse at my painting process.  I kind of like this little ditty.  It will likely inspire a future rendition and that is always fun.  Not a bad way to use left over paint and a blank white canvas.

Visit my OtterTail Art website and Amy Reges Print Gallery to see more and shop.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Do you need a cuddly gray kitty to make your house feel like a home?  This sweet cat is waiting for you.  One of my latest paintings of another model from the Humane Society of Schuyler County (if you are looking for a live version there is one there looking for you too!).

This was a fun painting that went through many transmutations.  It started out wildly colored.  I thought the cat would not be gray at all even though the model was this color.  But as it progressed my fairies took over and kept changing colors of both the subject and background until this image emerged.  Sometimes that happens - what I start out planning takes a totally different track.  It's part of the fun and always a learning experience.

The original Gray Cat is an acrylic painting on canvas panel, 8 inches by 10 inches and is available for $175.00 to the first adopter offering a good home.  It will be simple for you to frame and no glass is needed.  If you prefer a print in the size of your choice with a variety of substrate options you can find your heart's desire here at Gray Cat Prints in my Amy Reges Print Gallery under Other Animals.

Thanks for visiting!  Can you hear the purrrrr?