Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Yellow Labrador Lazy Afternoon Painting and Prints

Here is one of my recent yellow Lab paintings created while I was dreaming about warm weather.  It's been a long cold winter.  Today we are having an April snow shower with temperatures in the teens tonight.  I covered as many daffodils, tulips and hyacinths as I could and now it looks like I am growing upside-down pots and buckets in my garden!

This painting was lots of fun.  It is a scene I saw many times between these two OtterTail yellow Labradors who were mother and son, as well as the yellow mother with her best friend, a chocolate Lab girl.  They were such good friends and loved to relax on the porch, sun bathing and keeping watch over their dog-dom.

I made this painting small and simple, just to catch that feeling.  I love it!  It is 8"x10" acrylic on stretched canvas.  The edges are painted so it can be hung framed or unframed.  For a mere $175 you can have this charming scene to admire on your own wall.  Email me to claim this bit of sunshine.

You can also purchase yellow Labrador canvas prints and paper prints from my online OtterTail Art by Amy Reges print gallery.  There is a nice selection of mats and frames for you to choose if you would like to have it arrive ready to hang or give as a beautiful finished gift to a special friend.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Gray and White Cat Painting Donation for Animal Shelter

I am donating this handsome gray and white cat's painting to the Humane Society of Schuyler County for the Mardi Gras party fund-raiser auction.  It's happening this Saturday night in Watkins Glen, NY.  Join the party and bid high!  The money will go toward the long-awaited new shelter building for dogs.  The cats have already been relocated into a nice, new facility.  It has taken YEARS to jump hurdles and raise enough money to finally get the dog building re-modeling underway.  The place they are housed now is - miserable.  There is no way to say it nicely.  It is old, cold and dingy with tiny spaces for each dog, sometimes needing to contain more than one together.  Being in the country without many local adoptions, the sad fact is that some dogs live in our shelter for years.  Please make a donation to help HSSC help all the dogs who pass through.  Better yet, join the party Saturday night and help while you are having fun!

This cat painting is based on one of the long-term resident HSSC felines named Boots.  I chose background colors that coordinate with his dark grey tuxedo cat coat in gentle, mellow neutrals so it will fit right into anyone's home - just like Boots himself (who is available for adoption).  He is looking very sublime and will bring a calming and peaceful energy to your space.  Gray kitty prints are available at Amy Reges Fine Art Gallery.  Have it matted and framed while you are there, or choose a canvas print.  Either way it will arrive ready to hang.  You can even get a greeting card to match.  Great for gift giving!

If you would like to commission a special portrait painting of your cat -- or dog, or horse, or any pet, visit my OtterTail Dog Art portrait page for general information, then email me to get started!

Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Being Happy and Sharing it - A singing black Labrador Retriever

I have not been posting much because I have been so busy learning many new things.  2014 is off to an exciting start with my OtterTail Dog Art business expanding in new and different directions. I hope it is a great new year for everyone else too!  Being busy never stops me from taking time to enjoy little pleasures and that always includes fun time with my dogs.  So here is a video of my little boy, Tonto, making his singing debut.  Have fun with your pets and remember to enjoy the moment!
Click this link to go to LabradorDogs on YouTube.  You can find some of my training videos and other fun stuff there too.
Tonto dog sings a song

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Happy Holidays Dog Lovers!

Happy Holidays from our OtterTail Lab Art dog family to pet lovers near and far!

We attempted to take a family photo with me setting the camera timer and rushing in to the picture.  It was fun.

As you may guess we got a lot with dogs looking the wrong way, changing positions, me as a blur, and just crazy expressions.  This was the best one - at least we are all facing forward. (Grin!)  Helen, the cat, and Dad's cranky old dog, Buddy, (who lives with us now) opted to skip the photo session.  So this is the rest of us, here to put faces behind the names and wish you all wonderfully happy holidays filled with festivities and joy!

Best wishes for a new year full of good health and love!
Amy, Jim, Tonto, Tallulah and Nissa

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Labrador Dogs Silk Scarf Ready for Winter Cold

Something new in time for chilly weather and holiday gift-giving. This one-of-a-kind Labrador scarf is a combination of hand-painting on 100% silk crepe de chin stitched to a comfy, warm polar fleece backing. Now you can show your heartfelt style all winter! My popular 6 Lab Heads scarf pattern in black, chocolate and yellow Labradors shines to keep the cold out. Total size including fringe is 8.5 x 59". I don't plan to combine this again, so the first person making a claim will be the only lucky one! $70.00 - tell me you saw it here before December 15, 2013 and I will give you free-shipping.

I make this pattern in a wide variety of colors and currently 3 choices of silk in 8 x 54" and 11 x 60".  You can order one (without the polar fleece backing) in any 3 colors of your choice at no extra charge!  I will be cutting my choices of silk to one as my supplies of the others are extinguished, so if you want lots of options order soon!  Visit my hand-painted silk scarves page at OtterTailArt.com to see more examples and the other dog designs for scarves plus one-of-a-kind originals.  Every scarf is unique! (plus hand or machine washable.)

Why is this be the only "winterized" silk scarf I will make?  Simple - the hand stitching makes it a steal at this price and not a good investment of time for me.  An un-backed version of this design on this type of silk can be purchased for $65.00.  It was a fun experiment that I know some lucky dog woman will love!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

OtterTail Labrador Earns His Companion Dog Title

Congratulation to Tonto!  My little boy completed the requirements for his AKC Companion Dog (CD) title in 3 straight days at the Wine Country Circuit dog shows in NY.  We were thrilled to have glorious weather all 3 days and the Sampson Park show site is always one of my favorites.

 Our classes ranged from 6 to 14 dogs and we were combined with the Novice A dogs for stays on the first 2 days.  Many dogs broke their sit and down stays, so I was proud of Tonto for taking those jobs so seriously.  He tried very hard on that part!  He is still a bit immature mentally (he turned 2 yrs old at the end of June) and he had a couple of lapses in concentration which lead to him not doing his very best heeling.  Nonetheless, he placed 2nd in the class each day.  Tonto becomes my 11th Labrador to earn a CD, all earning at least one class placement on their way to the title.

Good job, baby boy!  Tonto is now officially - Moonlit OtterTail Kemosahbee, RN CD.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Yellow Lab Puppy and Girl Share Ice Cream Painting

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!  Does anybody say that anymore?  This painting brings back fond memories for me.  I did not have Labs when I was young, but I had mutts that I loved and I was happy to share my treats.  The truth is, I may still be caught sharing.

The title of this acrylic on canvas panel is "Double Dip - Ice Cream for Two".  This is my first real attempt at painting a person, so I consider it an experimental piece and it is priced as such.  Make it yours for a mere $188.00 (plus shipping).  It is 9 x 12", unframed.

Contact me to purchase this original painting.  You can pay by sending a check or through PayPal.  It's the perfect picture for these hot summer days!  Perhaps you will want to rotate it with one of my other Labrador paintings during the winter.  Now that's a fun and simple seasonal decorating idea!

Not ready to splurge on an original painting? Prints are available in many sizes and you can have them matted and framed so they arrive ready to hang.  That makes unique art affordable to everyone!  Visit my OtterTail Dog Art Print Gallery to shop for "Double Dip" and other dog painting prints which are also available on stretched canvas, metal and acrylic.  Choose the surface to fit your own style!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Yellow Lab Puppy Painting

This one was fun! Cute little Tater has grown up some since the reference photo was taken. This yellow Labrador portrait painting will help keep the lasting memory of her puppy days.  I am often commissioned to paint portraits of elderly pets or those that have already crossed over the bridge.  It was loads of fun to work on this girl with all of her puppy wrinkles!
I couldn't resist adding a little excitement to the background since she is such a fun, up-beat girl.  My collector gave me free rein to choose the background and loved the result.  (I did show her a preview early in the process in case she had a different idea.)
So why not send me your photos and preserve those silly puppy days, kitten antics, or foal follies?  You don't need to wait until your best bud is a sophisticated senior to capture a memory.  Portrait commissions start at $275 and it's a fun process - I promise :-).  For more information check out my OtterTail Dog Art Portrait Painting page.
 Thanks again Tammy and Tater!! May you enjoy many happy years together.

Monday, July 08, 2013

Shepherd mix dog portrait painting

Here is one of my latest dog portrait paintings.  This girl was very lucky.  Her mom was adopted from a shelter with no knowledge that she was pregnant at the time.  A month or so later she surprised her new owner with a litter of multi-mix puppies.  Being kind-hearted, she raised the babies and found them all good homes.  This girl went to some close relatives who are also real dog lovers.  She has had a great life!  All dogs who start out with rough beginnings should be so lucky.

They tell me Griffin is the smartest dog ever - and usually in control of every situation!  I hope she likes this painting I did to honor her.  I admit that all the different colors of hair that appear on her face were a challenge for me to capture and retain my abstract style.  It was a good learning experience!

The background colors were chosen to coordinate with the owners' home and other artwork.  I am happy to make a background to fit someone's needs or you can leave me to my own intuition and I'll choose a background the subject suggests to me.  Yes, I talk to all of them -- and my fairies that come in the night to add their magic touches to the work I have done during the day!  I am ok with the idea that people want art to match their decor, so don't be shy - contact me to design a pet portrait painting of your own.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Custom Dog Urn with Yellow Labrador Print

It is always sad to say good-bye to beloved pet friends.  We have a collection of Labrador designs for urns that we create out of natural hardwoods.  The designs are backed with a contrasting type of wood.  In this case my collector asked for a custom urn that would hold a print of one of my yellow Labrador paintings.  She thought it looked so much like her boy who had crossed the bridge that she wanted this special print to honor her Lab.

So, now we have a new urn design to offer.  Not only can this hold a print of one of my paintings, it can also be sized to hold a photograph of your pet.  There is a glass covering on the opening and the print is securely backed to keep it separated from the bag containing your pet's cremains.

Our urns open at the bottom and are firmly closed with the four inset screws provided.  Our standard size was designed for Labs, so it hold dogs up to about 100 pounds.  Custom sizes can be made upon request.  It is a nice way to honor the loss of a good friend.

By the way, this yellow Labrador painting is entitled "A Head Pillow Is Nice" and is part of my "Let Sleeping Dogs Lie" series.  The original is sold, but you can get a print in a variety of sizes, on a selection of substrates and even have it matted and framed to your specifications if you like.  Visit my OtterTail Dog Art by Amy Reges gallery on Fine Art America to order this or many of my other dog prints.