Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Pretty Black Labrador Portrait of a Dancer

This was a fun portrait to paint!  Pretty girl, Maggie, was a dance partner with her person.  They enjoyed participating in Canine Freestyle.   Here she is in her fancy dance collar, ready for the show.  No doubt if you are a dog lover you have seen videos of some of the fun dog-and-person dance routines.

Maggie crossed over a few years ago.  It was my privilege to honor her with this memorial portrait painting.  I know her person will treasure it forever.

During the progress of this Labrador dog portrait painting I took some time to communicate with Maggie.  I have been doing animal communication for 6 months or so and it has opened up a new world for me!  Maggie told me how much she loved dancing with her partner.  She said sometimes she comes back and tries to get in the way now when her person is practicing with another dog.  Her presence has been felt!

I love the way this painting turned out - as does the owner - such a sweet remembrance!  Please visit my OtterTail Dog Art website for information and contact me to commission a portrait of your own!

Saturday, June 07, 2014

New Labrador Retriever Puppy at OtterTail

I am pleased to welcome this new little boy into the OtterTail pack.  I had recently started looking for a puppy, but did not expect to get one so soon.  Fate had a different idea and this boy became available.  He is the son of my Tonto's litter sister, making Tonto a true uncle as well as an honorary one.  I had this pup's mom, Vampire, here for training when she was about 7 months old and we quickly bonded.  I love her temperament just like I love Tonto's - and her good looks too.  So, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to have her son.

The sire is a handsome and popular young champion making this a match that was hard to resist.   I think he has a bright future as a stud dog, having already produced some eye-catching pups from other dams.

Like all of my puppies, this boy got started in training from the moment we arrived home.  Puppies learn so fast and are so eager - truly little blank slates waiting to be taught and shown.  You can see his first training video on my LabradorDogs channel at youtube, where I will also post more videos as training progresses.

I have not posted about this here yet, but I have been working on expanding spiritually for the past year.  This includes learning animal communication.  I contacted this pups mom, Vampire, a few weeks ago to ask about her and her puppies.  At that time this boy was destined for another home.  Vamp remembered me from when she was here and told me she wanted me to have one of her pups because she knew he would have a really good home here.  I thanked her, but figured the Universe had different plans.  Then things changed and through a quick and unexpected course of events here he is!  In keeping with my current journey and becoming a Lightworker and to add some balance to his mom and litter sister's who are all named following the "darkness" theme, I am happy to introduce:
Moonlit OtterTail Knight of the Light   aka  Mooki 
(CH Wiscoy's Jack Sparrow, JH x Moonlit's Queen of the Night).

Monday, June 02, 2014

Yellow Labrador Canvas Painting Commission

One of my recent dog portrait painting commissions was this yellow Labrador named Merlin.  He crossed Rainbow Bridge a few years ago so this painting will serve as a wonderful memorial and tribute for his family.

If you would like to commission a portrait painting of your animal friend please visit my Portrait Painting webpage for information on getting started.  All of my commissioned pet portraits like this yellow Labrador painting are done in acrylics on canvas.  This painting is a head study with a simple background, which is the standard composition.  It is on 11x14" canvas and is currently priced at $339.  Want extras?  No problem.  Just let me know!

Although I specialize in dog paintings, I am happy and honored to work with you on creating artwork of any animal you may know and love.  Don't hesitate to contact me for more information and to get started on a special keepsake of your own.