Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Custom Dog Art Frame for Award Certificate and Photo

In addition to my OtterTail Lab Art dog paintings I also make a variety of dog theme wood items. My husband helps on these projects so it is a family affair. Here is a custom design I created to celebrate the outstanding accomplishments of a Lab and her owner. Black Lab Nell has earned her OTCH (Obedience Trial Champion), MH (Master Hunter title), and several agility titles and she is only 5 years old. They are a busy team!

We call this basic piece our Combination Frame. It is sized to hold a standard 8x10" AKC title certificate in the lower opening and a photo of the title holder in the upper opening. (Of course, you could put photos in both openings instead.) They have been very popular since we started making them in 1992. Purchasing a Combination Frame has become a tradition for many of our customers and we are thrilled to help them celebrate their awards and achievements with our beautiful naturally finished hardwood frames. We typically use maple, cherry and black walnut woods, though may have other fine hardwood choices as well. This example is spalted red maple. All pieces are individually cut with a scroll saw and receive a hand-rubbed natural finish that honors the beauty of the wood. Some of the other wood items we make include peg racks, shelves, other styles of hunting dog picture frames and dog urns with multiple design options. Custom inquiries are always welcome.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Labrador Valentine Cards and Gifts - Black Lab, Yellow Lab and Chocolate Labs

This is a sample of 2 of my designs for Labrador Valentine cards and gifts. The Lab running with "I Love You" balloons is available with a yellow Lab and chocolate Lab too. If your heart dog is a black Lab, you will find that design as well as others at my OtterTail Art for Dog Lovers Shop. In addition, I have even more dog Valentine cards at my OtterTail Art Cards Store at Greeting Card Universe. Here you can totally change or personalize the inside verse and have your card mailed directly for you. There is still time to order that special someone a special gift for Valentine's Day or send a card to all of your favorite or secret Valentines. Labradors and Love go great together!

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

She's Like An Old Friend

This is my Rosemary tree I've had for nearly 20 years. Well, she was a little $2 plant sprig in the beginning. I trained her into this tree form and made a few babies for friends along the way. But she has been a big tree for a long time now and 'abused' in a pot. I put her outside every summer - as long as I can from spring until the temperatures dip regularly into the 20's. I keep thinking I should give her a real vacation and plant her in the ground for a season, but she's so heavy and tight in her pot that I never manage to get it done. As you can guess, I have not repotted her in a long time either. Somehow she forgives my neglect and here she is flowering for the second flush this winter. I do use her regularly, but it would probably be even better if I cut her way back and let new growth fill in. Rosemary makes regular additions to my roasted or fried potatoes. I put it in sauces and salads and of course, she in an important member of our Thanksgiving feasts. Yup, she's like an old friend to me. Always there, always happy and smelling good and easy to please, brightening my cold winter days with dainty blue flowers and my cold winter meals with herbal freshness. If you can't have a pet, at least have a plant :-).