Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Happy Holidays Dog Lovers!

Happy Holidays from our OtterTail Lab Art dog family to pet lovers near and far!

We attempted to take a family photo with me setting the camera timer and rushing in to the picture.  It was fun.

As you may guess we got a lot with dogs looking the wrong way, changing positions, me as a blur, and just crazy expressions.  This was the best one - at least we are all facing forward. (Grin!)  Helen, the cat, and Dad's cranky old dog, Buddy, (who lives with us now) opted to skip the photo session.  So this is the rest of us, here to put faces behind the names and wish you all wonderfully happy holidays filled with festivities and joy!

Best wishes for a new year full of good health and love!
Amy, Jim, Tonto, Tallulah and Nissa