Thursday, February 11, 2016

Hand-Painted Silk Scarf Labradors and Botanicals

Today is our coldest day this winter and we got a couple of inches of snow yesterday to cover our bare ground.  It's making me think of spring!  Phil said it is coming early this year.  Are you ready?

"6 Heads Botanicals" is an 11" x 60" China Silk scarf adorned with hand-painted Labrador dog head profiles among twining leaves and flowers.  The colors are spring green, warm golden yellow and blossom blues.  $70.00

China silk, also known as Habotai, has a nice sheen, light and billowing drape.  It will help you feel shiny and special.  6 heads has been the most popular design of my Labrador silk scarves and every one is unique.  All of the dogs and elements are hand drawn with resist on a suspended blank silk scarf.  Once the resist dries I apply colors that I mix specially for each individual scarf.  This completely hand drawn and painted process results in one-of-a-kind pieces of wearable art.  How special is that?

6 Heads Botanicals is $70, payable by check or through PayPal.  Order this or any of my scarves by emailing me.   I can also paint a new scarf just for you in colors of your choice.  Get your spring juices flowing!  See more at my Hand-painted Silk Scarf webpage.