Monday, May 02, 2011

Remembering 9-11 on this historic day

I had the honor of being commissioned to create several tributes to canines involved with the 9-11 tragedy. In memory I am posting pics on this historic day. First, I created a Labrador Retriever sculpture plaque in memory of NY PAPD Labrador, Sirius, who perished in the basement of the towers that day. It was presented to his surviving partner (Officer David Lim) by his breeder/donater (Pat Gadaleta).

Twice I was honored to create custom hand-painted silk scarves for brave women who participated in search and rescue at the towers in NYC immediately following 9-11. Amazingly they both had black german shepards. Here is a picture of one of the scarves. It was specifically requested that I include the twin towers still standing. The first scarf was commissioned by FEMA US&R handler Jen in honor of her black GSD partner Taboo. The second was a custom order by Rose in tribute to her partner, Logan. His name and badge number were a subtle inclusion on two of the buildings. Still amazing to me that I should be found and contacted by two such brave women with so much in common!! I continue to be grateful to them for their service.