Monday, May 09, 2016

Horse Painting - Retired Thoroughbred Race Horse

I started riding horses again after missing it for 30 years.  Wow!  That sounds crazy since I am only 32 :-).  It's been great to get back around horses - the smells, the sounds, the energy.  I am loving it!

It comes as no surprise then that I feel the need to paint them.  This is the first one.  I left it abstract and with the canvas texture showing to give a rustic feel.  It just felt right this way.

This handsome fellow is Homer, a 20-something year old retired Thoroughbred race horse.  He is now enjoying life at Hess Stables with a bunch of other ex-race horses.  He was kind enough to strike some lovely poses for me when I was out taking reference photos, so he gets to be the first on my easel.

This original painting is 12"x9" acrylic on canvas panel which will make it easy to frame.  Plus the final top coat protects the painting so no glass is needed.  Sweet Homie can be yours for $198.00.  Email me.  I'm looking forward to more time with the horses and creating many more horse paintings.

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