Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Rest in Peace

We said good-bye to our beautiful OtterTail Oberon on May 19th. My vet was kind enough to come to our house on his day off and Obi left me in my arms in the comfort of the Reilly bed. He was brave and strong and maintained his happy spirit until the end. Today would have been his 11th birthday. His sister, Gwendolyn, will celebrate without him. We will all go to the pond this afternoon and play his favorite game in memory of our Obi and the joy he brought us. That is what he would have wanted to do today.

Run free of pain and play, Big Ob. You were so special to me.

Away from my side
You will always be with me
Here you will stay forever
Woven into the fabric of my heart.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Spring and New Designs

We have been having a nice, long spring here. The bulbs and early flowers are lasting a long time. Here is a picture of my favorite daffodils called Pipits. My black girl, Birdie, was registered as OtterTail Water Pipit, so when I saw the name of these flowers I had to have them. It was after they grew that I found they are my favorites. They are about 16+" tall, multi-flowered and beautifully fragrant. Wonderful, just like my Birdie.

Birdie was Obi's mom. Obi is still here. We have been having cold rainy weather again for a week with another week of it forecasted. It is harder on him. We continue to evaluate each day one at a time.

I added one new flower picture to my Cafe Shop designs in honor of spring. It's another daffodil called Thalia. It is a lovely thing too. Click to see this white daffodil that floats like fairies. And with June around the corner I created a design appropriate for a wedding or just for fun as my black and yellow Labradors tie the knot. It is a digital adaptation of my original silk painting called Labs Like to Share. That picture was inspired by Obi and Marius, who really do like to drink from the hose together - the bowl too.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

May You Be Blessed

A good friend sent me the link to this beautiful online poem movie the other day. It touches me in many ways. Here it is to share with everyone: We Send You Our Blessings

I know I have many blessings; not the least of which is the opportunity to have known and loved so many wonderful dogs. Thank you, Kate Nowak, for creating this lovely poem and movie and sharing it with all of us.

Obi has been enjoying the beautiful weather we have had the past few days. Last week was cold and rainy and I thought he would not make it to the weekend. Once the weather turned warm and we got back outside his spirits rebounded and his whole demeanor brightened. And for each day I get to share with him seeing him smiling and happy with simple pleasure, I am blessed.