Saturday, May 06, 2017

Bon Voyage Sweet Kitty

Sad to say good-bye to Dame Helen of Hector.  ?1998 - 3 May 2017 - RIP Miss Helen.  She chose us and used us for her happily-ever-after life.  Jim and our dog, Dave, found Helen under a box on the porch of Jim's hunting camp one cold November day.  He checked with all the neighbors to see if she had wandered from home - Nope.  He asked all the locals if anyone wanted her - Nope.  So he asked me if he could bring her home.  My requisites were that she had to get along with the dogs, she had to be allowed to go outside (i.e., not harboring any contagious cat disease), and she would be HIS pet (= he should maintain the cat box).  So home she came, cleared on health and surprisingly already spayed, ok with the dogs (who she quickly learned to love) and Jim promising his role.

At first Jim wanted to name her something silly or cute, but after knowing her for a few days he agreed with me that there was nothing silly about her and an "old lady" name would fit her better.  Hence, we came up with Helen (depends on your generation if that sounds like an old lady name to you).  Immediately it was formalized to Dame Helen of Hector (we live in Hector) as she clearly thought she deserved a title and due respect.  With that, she moved in, became one of the family (with 10 Labs at the time) and made herself at home.

For 13 years she refused to sit on Jim's lap despite his pleas and that fact that she was "his".  She would sit on my lap more than I could stand.  In her old age we were finally able to convince her that Jim's lap was warm and comfortable and she spent many hours a day there until the end.

You were a good one, Dame Helen.  The honor was ours.