Tuesday, September 04, 2007

New Labrador Retriever Christmas Card

Here is my first new design for 2007 dog holiday cards. This is a digital painting of a black Lab catching snowflakes on her tongue. There are 2 choices of verses inside. One says "Enjoy the Moment. Happy Holidays" and the other says "Share the Wonders of the Holiday Season". Many of my Labrador Christmas cards are now available to purchase individually or in sets of 10 or 20. They are professionally printed on your choice of matte or glossy stock. Please visit my OtterTail Art for Dog Lovers Shop greeting card section to see all of my available Lab and dog holiday designs. More new Lab Christmas cards will be added this season. The black Lab who modeled for this greeting card was my own OtterTail Silky Bonnie Blue. To see more of my Labrador models and dog art please visit OtterTail Lab Art.


Anonymous said...

Amy,,,love this card. Are you doing any more for Christmas 2007 (Like yellow labs///!!-preferably light yellow labs)
I want to order my cards but thought I'd ask first if more are in the offing.
Pat Moran

OtterTail said...

Hi Pat - Thank you for your nice feedback. I do hope to get another Christmas design or 2 done for this season, but can't promise when they will be available yet. When I do my simple, silly dogs I try to choose a medium yellow for the dogs to appeal to the most people (also for printing purposes). When I do photo-based designs I use my own dogs - so no very light yellow Labs there either. I do hope you will find Christmas cards you like among my selections!

I'm guessing this means you have not added a second color to your family yet? :-)

Thanks, again - Amy

Anonymous said...

Nope, no other color (yet) I still have a "feeling" abt the brother; I wonder every day how they let such a magnificant dog go.I cannot take credit for anything she does, she came to us perfect. We spent most of the summer granddog sitting (Labs, of course)and then I missed out on a very temporary fostering opportunity b/c we were on vac. I would have like to have done that to show my husband that we really can do it without keeping every dog. Jenny is wonderful-94 lbs and we're all happy! Pat

OtterTail said...

Hi Pat - Thanks for giving me the idea for my latest post. Jake has been with us for close to a month and I forgot to mention him here. He deserves a spot on the blog. Hugs to Jenny - she's a lucky girl!