Wednesday, January 14, 2009

New Funny Labrador Retriever Drawing

I wanted to create a simple, cute, funny and appealing Labrador Retriever drawing that I could adapt repeatedly to different designs and use in multiple ways. I came up with this guy. What do you think?

I have made him in this black version as well as yellow and chocolate with 2 sets of words. One says "Lab = Love" and "Support Labrador Retriever Rescue" underneath and the other says "I Need A Home To Call My Own" with "Adopt a Labrador Retriever" underneath. I made both available on a large assortment of products in my OtterTail Art for Dog Lovers Shop. The section dedicated to Rudy's Rescue has both versions and the special section for LabMed has the latter wording. 100% of profits from all sales in both of these sections are donated to the respective non-profit Lab rescue groups.

I would like to make another version available in my general store and am wondering what wording, if any, I should include. I would love it if some of you would leave feedback regarding which you would prefer - design with no words or with words (maybe Lab = Love as shown here or something else by itself). If you have a suggestion of words you would like to see, please share that too! There is also a full painting featuring a chocolate version of this dog available on products in the Rudy's Rescue section of my shop. Look for more variations in the future.

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