Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Senior Dog Comes to Lab Rescue

Meet Shadow. This old man is my new foster dog. Shadow lived with one owner his whole life, but when he had to go into a nursing home Shadow had no where to turn. He is 10 1/2 years old and, like most old dogs, thinks he knows everything! Still, being a typical Lab, he is willing to please and conform to new rules. Shadow has impressed me with his adaptability. Despite having lived with just one man and then home alone with caretakers stopping by for the past couple of months, he began melding into my pack of 5 dogs on the first day and gets along with everyone - including the cat. He lies with the rest of them as I prepare meals and eats side by side without issue and seems to like everybody. He is a smart old man who taught himself how to use the dog door on the first day and has enjoyed the freedom of taking himself out to lie on the dog deck or coming inside to a comfy bed. He has a few problems - a bum elbow that causes him to limp, he is a bit hard of hearing, his teeth are worn down to nubs, and he carries way too many extra pounds. Except for the latter none of it seems to slow him down and we are working on the weight. He is a happy dog, still full of life. Shadow has been with us for 2 weeks now and we are already getting attached. He is getting neutered today and I find myself worrying about as much as I do for my own dogs. Fostering dogs is a tough job!

Much to my surprize there is a loving woman interested in adopting Shadow and giving him one more forever home. It touches my heart and, if it works out, I think it will be because Shadow has excellent karma for having patiently lived with and loved an owner who he slowly watched lose his capacities. Send good wishes for this sweet old dog - he deserves it.


dawgsfan47 said...

Thanks so much for fostering him! I adopted two older labs, one was 9 (now 11 soon to be 12) and one was 8 (now 10 1/2). I love the older dogs because they are so sweet and I think they are especially appreciative of a good home. I am a "foster failure" and have 4 labs and one mutt. Anyway, thanks and good luck to Shadow!

OtterTail said...

I hope you read Shadow's follow-up here: When Shadow first came he was actually very grumpy - he growled at everyone and threatened with his worm nubbin teeth whenever he was asked to do anything he wasn't sure about. But it didn't last long. With stability back in his life he turned into the sweetest boy who we would have been happy to foster for the rest of his life! Like you said - Shadow was one dog who truly seemed to appreciate what we offered him. He is such a wise dog though - we often said we would have liked to have know him when he was younger. He made a wonderful transformation while he was here and continued without a skip at his new home. They are a perfect fit and I couldn't be happier for him. Shadow deserves the best! Thanks to you too for fostering the old timers. They still have a lot to give!!