Friday, March 27, 2009

OtterTail Labrador Wins Again

Having been foolish (or senile) enough to forget to brag about my Whitsprgs OtterTail Tallulah, CD last summer when she earned her AKC Companion Dog obedience title by winning two High In Trial awards and a third place I had to post today to make amends to her. Yesterday Tallulah won her Rally Novice class with the only perfect 100 point score amoung 27 dogs entered. It was my first ever attempt at Rally-O. I knew Tallulah could do it, but was not so sure about myself and all those confusing signs! I managed and Tallulah did great - deserving her mug shot here on my blog. Tallulah is a fun Lab and a real social butterfly who is sure the world revolves around her, so she really shines when she is in the spotlight.

I am doing things backward by getting her Rally title after her Companion Dog title, but I have known how to show for a CD for 20 years. Rally is new for us. Next time I will do it in the right order and that will be starting with my chocolate Nissa later this year.

Thanks for the fun day out, Tallulah Bear!

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