Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Best Dog or Labrador T Shirt Designs Online (Original Dog Art)

It's time to enjoy the warm weather and what could be more fun than wearing a unique, original artist design on your T shirt? I have decided to spotlight some of my most popular dog and Labrador art clothing. Tee shirts are great and are available in many colors, but I also offer fun dog art on sweatshirts, zip front hoodies, organic shirts, caps, aprons and an assortment of gift products.

I will start this series with a favorite dog painting converted 3 ways. This is my original "Wine is Best Shared with Friends" Labrador painting modified to print on t-shirts and apparel. Inspired by my own Labrador Retrievers who are wine lovers, you can choose from my paintings of a chocolate Lab, a yellow Lab, and a black Lab drinking red wine. It is a great dog print for many dog lovers since only the nose shows, so almost any brown, golden or black dog is represented. Shirts are available in loose and fitted styles on white and a variety of colors for women, men and woman's plus sizes. This popular dog design is one of many original and unique Labrador prints from OtterTail Lab Art.

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