Friday, September 25, 2009

Chocolate Lab Wins Rally Classes at Wine Country

I am proud to say my young chocolate Lab, Nissa, won her first 2 Rally classes at the Wine Country circuit dog shows yesterday and today. Both classes had 21 dogs entered, but not the same dogs both days. While I could definitely see room for improvement on both exercises I was also happy that she won and did as well as she did (98 and 99 points out of 100). Nissa turned 19 months old a few days ago, and she still has some of that teenager attitude. I think she worked harder when she was 9 months old. But, I also expect her to grow back into that good work ethic as she matures - they usually do. The best part as far as Nissa was concerned (aside from spending a couple of days out with Mom and getting extra special attention), was that she won 3 bags of gourmet treats today and a cool football toy yesterday that makes a crazy noise. Come Sunday we will all be ready for some football!! Thanks for the nice prizes Onondaga and Kanadasaga Kennel clubs. And thanks for being my sweetie-pie and doing a good job my "Chocolate Muffin", Lobuff OtterTail Noble Nissa.

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