Friday, May 28, 2010

Cement Leaves Add Colorful Sculpture to Deck and Garden

I experimented with making these cement leaves just for fun. I sculpted them last fall and finally got around to painting them a few days ago. I made two of them to remind me of Caladium leaves - plants I have always admired, but have not had much success growing. It was a fun process and I am actually letting some burdock weeds get big this spring so I can cast some "lunker leaves". They will look nice in my garden and, perhaps around a fountain I am considering building next to our porch. Once I set up a casting station I will make enough to sell. Keep an eye on my OtterTail Lab Art website, follow me as LabradorArt on Twitter or join me on Facebook to see when and where they are available for sale (along with all of my other art updates and events). Are you interested?

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