Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Black Labrador Portrait Painting for Christmas Gift

Here is my last dog portrait painting for 2010. This Labrador painting was commissioned by a girlfriend in tribute to her boyfriend and his beloved black Lab. It will be a surprise Christmas gift. I hope he loves it! I don't think he is a blog reader, so I am safe to say that the dog's name is Fetcher and he is 14 years old. I can tell by the photographs she sent me that he is a wonderful hunting companion and is said to be still going strong. Good wishes that you may continue on with what you love, Fetcher! It was my pleasure to paint such a special old boy.

I am gearing up for 2011 and already scheduling new paintings to create lasting memorials to much-loved dogs. Why not celebrate your own heart dog or honor a friend with a gift that will last forever? To learn more about commissioning a dog portrait painting of your own and see more OtterTail Labrador and Dog Art visit my OtterTail Labrador Art website.

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