Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Lab Dog Proud Moments at the Labrador Retriever Club of the Potomac Specialty Show

Nissa did herself proud at the Labrador Retriever Club of the Potomac specialty show last week. The world's largest Labrador dog show was held in Frederick, Maryland over 4 busy days (plus an afternoon for a match before the big event). There were over 1100 Labradors in attendance for close to 1600 entries! The first 2 days of the show brought torrential rain, flooding the ground and leading to deep, sticky mud. Despite the miserable conditions my chocolate muffin placed 2nd in her Novice B obedience class with a 194.5 and won her rally Excellent A class with a 98, breaking a tie with fast time. It was a long, cold, wet day and we were both happy to get warm and dry back in our hotel room! That finished her RE title.

The second day Nissa made me very proud with her hard work. The mud was worse from all of the traffic in the same paths the day before, but she was a hard-working girl! Nissa won her obedience Novice B class. Nothing coming easy, we had to do an extra heeling routine in the mess when there was a tie (only 3 of us qualified, so it was not expected!). We won the run-off to finish her CD title with a 196+. Now she is officially Lobuff OtterTail Noble Nissa, RE, CD.

We had fun watching the rest of the show. I was happy to see my puppy students showing off. Chocolate Labrador, Scandal, won both his sweepstakes class and his regular class. He is destined to be a star! Black Lab, Jagger, made the cut in his sweepstakes class and placed 3rd in a very competitive 6-9 month old black puppy regular class. Super proud of how he showed himself! After all the excitment we headed home tired but very satisfied. Plus, we won some really neat loot!!

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