Sunday, June 12, 2011

Two Labradors Turn 14 years old - Senior dogs celebrate

Happy Birthday Marius and Eponine! Marius is a yellow Lab boy and Eponine is a black Labrador girl, littermates from the last puppies I bred under my OtterTail Labradors kennel name. I am lucky and thankful to have them both still here 14 years later. I put together this movie of Eponine having her typical daily fun the past few weeks. I can't help but smile every time I see her bouncy trot and glowing smile. Both old senior Labradors have had some health issues this year and Marius has trouble walking these days. He still enjoys every meal and treat from his comfy big bed in the middle of our great room. Eponine had to have many teeth removed due to a hidden infection in her gums, but she healed quickly. She gained a new nickname - Gummy Bear. Marius and Eponine have been a joy since the day they were born - Wonderful Labradors in heart and spirit through and through. Happy Birthday, my sweets. The pleasure is mine!!


lab said...

I'm so happy that i'm in the Business of Labs too.. :) This post made me feel proud.. thank you for posting it
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OtterTail said...

Thanks "lab" - I lost Marius, my yellow boy, at the end of September. Eponine, the black girl in the video, is still going strong and doing the same silly things. She is my rock!