Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Yellow Labrador Portrait Painting - Memorial to a special dog

If paintings are like children (and dogs), then I should not haves favorites. Luckily I think it's ok to be bias with paintings and I am especially fond of this one.

Wallace was a special show dog who was much loved by his family in the Netherlands. He was taken too young by a sudden illness. This Labrador portrait painting was commissioned as a surprise gift from one family member to another. We had to be sneaky for quite some time from photo selection, painting, shipping overseas and then he had a long nap in the back room of the customs office. It was worth it in the end! His family was moved to tears and delighted to have this memory of his presence back in their home.

I had a beautiful reference photo of Wallace that was taken while attending the prestigious Crufts dog show, which made my job easier. While I never had the pleasure of meeting this boy in person (in dog - ?), it was a joy to get to know him on my easel. I like to paint the eyes early in the process because I feel the dogs help me to capture the rest of their likeness after that. It also gives me someone to talk to as the painting progresses, especially during the rough spots.

If you would like to commission a Lab painting or other Labrador artwork of your own, please visit my OtterTail Lab Art website and contact me.

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