Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sad Days at OtterTail - Rest In Peace rescue dog Butch

Butch   5/19/02 - 10/28/12
It is with great sadness that we say good-bye to another sweet Labrador so soon after losing OtterTail Eponine.  Black Lab, Butch was the dog I rescued after his owner was in a critical accident.  He loved me, but he chose my husband to be "his man".  After initial resistance on his part they became close buds and Butch will be dearly missed, his absence leaving a void.

I knew he was not a healthy dog when I rescued him.  He had a lot of issues and had lead a complicated first 6 years living with a schizophrenic recluse.  An animal communicator told me Butch had chosen that owner to help him through his confused life and critical accident.  It must have been a difficult job.  She also said Butch was happy with us and that he chose me to teach me about letting go and moving on.  It is still not easy for me, sweet boy.  For you, I will try my best.  Rest In Peace, you deserve it. xo

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