Thursday, February 21, 2013

Brittany Spaniel Portrait Painting - 2 red and white dogs.

It was fun to paint dogs of a different color!  These two Brittany Spaniel boys gave me new challenges in several ways.  Aside from not being black, yellow, or chocolate as most of my customers tend to be, the reference photos were from different places, different lighting and very different times.  Now both dogs are older and gray, but their people wanted them painted as they were in their younger days.  Taking out the gray where the white and orange hairs blend proved to be a bit of a guessing game, but eventually I got it right.

The Brittany boy in the bottom front was purchased as a puppy while the upper fellow was rescued as an adult.  Both got lucky to be part of a loving family and it was my honor to paint this lasting tribute to them.  I will be shipping them home shortly and ready to start my next fun project.  Will it be for you?  Treat yourself or someone you love to the special gift of a custom pet portrait.

I will be happy to paint your Brittanies, Labrador portraits, or any other breed or mix-breed dogs as well as cats and horses.  I am open to other challenges too, so if you have an unusual pet contact me and we can plan together to make the perfect painting just for you!  Visit for more information and let's get started.

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