Friday, August 08, 2014

Since I have been practicing animal communication I discovered that once you tap into your ability to talk to other souls you find it is not restricted at all. It was actually the trees who first contacted me. Since then I have found them to be full of wisdom and great teachers. There is one particular tree I stop to connect with on my daily walk with the dogs. It is a young ash tree - one of hundreds, nothing particular. In addition to great advice, this tree has given me numerous images to paint. Here is the first one in what I hope will be an interesting series of Paintings from the Trees.

Titled: The Tunnel in the Trees, this original artwork is acrylic on 8"x10" canvas panel. Before I began painting the canvas was textured with shapes of leaves scattered throughout which adds another layer of dimension.  To get your daily dose of inspiration buy the original for $159.00 and go deep in to the tunnel.  Contact Amy to purchase this original paining.

Giclee prints, canvas prints, acrylic prints, and greetings cards of my Paintings from the Trees are available through Amy Reges Fine Art Gallery where you can process your order efficiently and safely online.

Feel the energy, hear the wisdom, be inspired by the trees.
Dog and cat paintings are in progress, as always.

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