Sunday, February 18, 2018

Happy Birthday Brown Dog

Happy 10th Birthday to my kooky Brown Dog, Lobuff OtterTail Noble Nissa, RN RA RE CD.  Thanks for always being there for me Sweet Patootie!  This also marks the date of the first litter I bred 30 years ago.  Yikes!  Time goes fast and they were wonderful!  I stopped breeding many years ago too, but the birthday of my first litter will always be memorable.  I knew Nissa was the right puppy for me when I found out she was born on the 20th anniversary of my first litter.  I was happy that her breeder, Lisa Weiss of Lobuff Labradors, offered her to me when I asked.  It's been a great 10 years with many more to come.  Love you, Miss Nissa - The Enforcer.

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