Sunday, June 17, 2018

Dairy Cow Painting - Black and White Princess in Pink

I had the urge to paint a cow, so went to a local dairy to take some pictures. I had never been to a large dairy farm and was intrigued by how many black and white patterns there are and how different each cow looked.  Some were prettier than others.  I thought this girl was a beauty.  I admit I felt sympathy for all of them because they cannot go outside at this farm.  So I took off her ear tags and surrounded her with pink to make her feel special.  And here she is, my "Princess in Pink".  If you would love to have her mooooove to your home to share her special beauty contact me.
This original acrylic painting on stretched canvas is 8"x10".  The sides are wrapped and painted so you can choose to frame it or hang it as is.  $130.00 - you can use PayPal or mail a check.
Prints and some nifty products are available in my online gallery at Amy Reges on Fine Art America.

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