Friday, March 10, 2006

I woke up this morning...

I woke up this morning and lay looking out the window. I was watching the sky and saw a cloud dog running fast to the north. A few minutes later this appeared. I think perhaps it is Rainbow Bridge -- here for my Oberon.

The day began. The temperature warmed and after the rainbow shower the skies cleared, but the wind began to roar. We went for a walk this afternoon - my husband and I and our dogs we have now - Dave, Obi, Gwendolyn, Marius, Eponine and Tallulah. Obi was having trouble, so Marius, Gwen, Eponine and I walked a short path with him. They all love to go farther and faster with me, so after Obi was finished I took these 3 back out for another loop. The wind battered us as if God was ripping Obi from my arms. I don't want to let him go...

But I'll go back in time now - to Leela. What a joy. A Lab's Lab true and through. Leela got me to meet other breeders and I went to my first Labrador Specialty shows. I was totally smitten. We all had great times together. Leela and Holly adored each other. They inspired my OtterTail Lab*Art design called "Friends". Click here to see one version and their photo: Labrador Retriever Sculptures
I bred Leela once to a wonderful, top-winning stud dog and our family grew. In 1988 I started my OtterTail Lab*Art as a way to help pay for my "dog habit" of going to specialty shows half way around the county with our expanding family and it gave my husband something to do at the shows. I never knew what my art would lead to today and look forward to where it will lead me in the years ahead. I give thanks to all of my dogs who have touched my life and inspired me.

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