Monday, March 13, 2006

Obi and Tallulah

Obi and Tallulah had a cuddle a few days ago on "the Reilly bed". Reilly is a lab we took in for a family in NYC who could not keep him due to health problems after 8 1/2 years. He is a wonderful guy who lives with good friends now, but he sent his big bed back to us because all the OtterTail dogs love it so much. Reilly's name is embroidered on the cover. We think of him often.
Today started out like spring. The daffodils and tulips' noses are up. Crocuses are blooming and thousands of geese flew overhead. After a tough morning for Obi we had a slow walk and Obi got to play in the pond - one of his favorite things. I made a new picture of him there and put it on blank cards. You can see them here: Labrador Retriever Greeting Cards. I plan to do more with it; it is so much Obi and one pose that I will always remember of him.
Now we are about to get heavy storms, the thunder is approaching. Then back to winter tomorrow. This storm is looking ominous - heavy winds and hail are expected. Time to huddle up with my Labs and hold them tight.

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