Wednesday, March 29, 2006

More about history

Obi has had his ups and downs. The past week has been pretty good - I think we found a combination of medicines that are helping for now. In case anyone else is looking for possible solutions - Obi's stomach was not tolerating the Metacam as prescribed. After much fiddling it seems if I give him Sucralfate 1 3/4 - 2 hours ahead of his dinner (not 1 hour as directed, that did not work for us - does need to be 2 hours after any previous food too) and then give the Metacam with dinner at a dose meant for a 60-65 lb dog instead of Obi's 85 lbs things are going well. It has been 4 weeks since the bone cancer diagnosis. He still enjoys his walks - though slowly. He loves to go to the pond and now that the weather is warming we can play there. Obi's favorite game has always been to catch things I throw him as he stands in the pond. He's such a beautiful guy and it is an image that will be forever imbedded in my mind. Click to see it on some Black Labrador gifts and shirts. It is a great joy for me to be seeing that pose again this spring.

Here is a picture of another wonderful Lab that has since crossed Rainbow Bridge. This is my Buckaroo, one of Leela's puppies. You can click to see more of my OtterTail Labrador Retriever dog family. We had many wonderful years when all our dogs were young and healthy. The maximum number of adult Labs I ever had was 13. They were all trained, well-behaved and lived in the house as pets. Today we have 6, but sadly we will say good-bye to Oberon all too soon and Dave is nearly 14, so his time is also short. It does not get any easier to say good-bye.

Roo inspired many designs in my Labrador art. He was my model for the swimming dog cut into wood items and one of my first sculptures. He was the model for the diving dog design used on wood and metal. His lovely face graces products in my Cafe Shop as well as his own shop. All Roo products donate 25% of profits to support Lab Rescue. Roo is also a Fairy Dog. Pictures and memories I have of my sweet Buckaroo continue to inspire me today.

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