Saturday, March 18, 2006

A Good Day

Here is my beautiful OtterTail Oberon - King of the Fairy Dogs. He's having a good day today - eating and taking walks and feeling happy. I am playing with the pain medicine (with my vet's consent). I don't know if my changes have helped or it's just coincidence. It's hard to tell, it's been a mixed week. Maybe some days are just better than others.

King of the Fairy Dogs - I named him Oberon because he was such a scaredy-cat baby when he was a pup even though he was a big boy. The only thing he could ever be king over is fairies. He's been my big baby his whole life. The idea of fairy dogs developed into many pictures combining my love of gardening with my love of my dogs and some digital graphics fun. You can see some of my Fairy Dog designs here: OtterTail Labrador Retriever Fairy Dogs as well as some printed on many products here: OtterTail Labrador Art Shop - Fairy Dog shirts and gifts. Sweet Obi inspired the whole Fairy Dog concept. It's interesting how design ideas come about sometimes. I love these Fairy Dog pictures, but the truth is they take a ton of time on the computer to get the details the way I like them. One magical fact is that Fairy Dogs do not cast shadows.

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