Thursday, May 18, 2006

Spring and New Designs

We have been having a nice, long spring here. The bulbs and early flowers are lasting a long time. Here is a picture of my favorite daffodils called Pipits. My black girl, Birdie, was registered as OtterTail Water Pipit, so when I saw the name of these flowers I had to have them. It was after they grew that I found they are my favorites. They are about 16+" tall, multi-flowered and beautifully fragrant. Wonderful, just like my Birdie.

Birdie was Obi's mom. Obi is still here. We have been having cold rainy weather again for a week with another week of it forecasted. It is harder on him. We continue to evaluate each day one at a time.

I added one new flower picture to my Cafe Shop designs in honor of spring. It's another daffodil called Thalia. It is a lovely thing too. Click to see this white daffodil that floats like fairies. And with June around the corner I created a design appropriate for a wedding or just for fun as my black and yellow Labradors tie the knot. It is a digital adaptation of my original silk painting called Labs Like to Share. That picture was inspired by Obi and Marius, who really do like to drink from the hose together - the bowl too.

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soot said...

Dear Amy,
I started reading your blog and really enjoy it. The main thing I like to hear is about OBI!! I just so want hm to have more sunny, happy days with you and love to hear when he is having a good day!! I know this must be so very hard for you and I have found that sometimes it just helps to sit and write it all down. I just want you to know that I and always here and will always listen. I think of you both so often!!! Please keep in touch .