Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Spooky Ghost Dog!

Happy Halloween! The scarey date is fast approaching. Here is my spooky Halloween Ghost Dog design to help celebrate the holiday. Well, maybe this yellow Labrador Retriever is not really a spooky ghost, but you know he means business when he asks for a pumpkin full of treats! I created this fun picture as an original watercolor painting. Now it is available on greeting cards, shirts, tote bags to hold tons of treats, mugs for sipping gruel and lots of other fun products through my OtterTail Art for Dog Lovers Shop. Click here for spooky Labrador Halloween fun!

This is what the OtterTail Labrador Retrievers really love about Halloween. They are not allowed to have candy, but each dog gets their own pumpkin to "carve". In this photo our Brutus chose a particularly large pumpkin when no on was looking, but I caught him "red pawed" and here's the photo evidence to prove it. Most years I grow the miniature pumpkins in my garden so there are plenty of small tasty ones to go around.

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The Murphmeister said...

We don't get our own pumpkins to carve over here in Rngland!