Monday, October 23, 2006

Labrador Retriever Portrait Painting

Here is my latest Labrador Retriever portrait painting and the reference picture I used to paint it. This is my own Lab, Eponine. She is such a sweetie. I taught her (and Obi) to cock her head on the cue "What do you think?" with clicker training when she was a puppy. She has used it on me to great advantage for years since I find it hard to resist her cute face. She plays every unsuspecting push-over she can when we have company or she is out in public. Eponine is definately a professional begger!

This painting is acrylic on a 16" x 20" stretched canvas. I enjoyed working on this size after doing smaller pictures of dogs recently. Prints and other products with this Lab painting are available through my OtterTail Art for Dog Lovers Shop.

Eponine's mother is my Gwendolyn, who is 11 years old (Obi's sister). Gwen has developed vestibular disease over the past couple of months. Her bloodwork is normal so my vet is suspecting she had some strokes. Unlike vestibular syndrome, vestibular disease comes on gradually and may continue to get worse rather than better. It is a problem with the middle ear which helps us maintain our balance, so dogs with vestibular problems are dizzy. They stagger, circle and pace, and may fall often. Gwen banged her head hard about 20 months ago and it caused nerve damage. That side of her head is sunken in and she required eye surgery in September because of it. I am suspicious that her vestibular disease is related to the injury as well. I would like to ask anyone who reads this to send positive thoughts for my Gwendolyn, that she may get better and enjoy her days again. Thank you for your kindness.

Enjoy your beloved friends everyday. You never know what the future holds or how much time you will have together. Take pictures or paint portraits to help hold them in your eye as well as you hold them in your heart. And give thanks for every day you have to share.

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kat said...

Dear Amy,
I am so sorry to hear about Gwendolyn. I will say a prayer that she improves and continues to enjoy her life with you. I do know that she will receive the best of care and that she will know every minute that she is loved beyond measure. I know that because I know you!!!Take care my friend and Gwendolyn will be in my thoughts!!