Monday, November 13, 2006

Good-bye Sweet Gwendolyn

We said good-bye to our sweet Gwendolyn on Friday, Nov. 10th. Based on her progressing symptoms our veterinarian believed she had a brain tumor. It also fit the fact that her symptoms developed slowly over the past 2 months. It is extra hard to have to let her go so soon after losing my Oberon. Again our doctor offered to come to our house on his day off and Gwen left us peacefully. Marius and Eponine howled and cried, knowing why their doctor was here. All of the dogs used to howl together in the yard - our UPS and mail-woman loved to bring us packages - but there has been no howling since Obi died until their sad song for Gwendolyn, their mom.

Gwen was born on 30 May 1995, the only girl in a litter with 4 black boys. Just like her mom, she never went anywhere without at least 2 or 3 nylabones in her mouth. Her father was CH Simerdown's Borador Regent and her mother was my OtterTail Water Pipit, Am/Can CD. I expected black and yellow puppies, but the statistics did not work for me. I had planned to keep the best girl from this litter, so Gwendolyn was in. For some reason I will never understand black boys are the least desired by families looking for puppies. After a lot of prospective calls I thought I found good homes for all 4 boys. At the last minute one buyer backed out after the trainer she worked with told her she could not train a Labrador. It was the dumbest advice I have ever heard from someone who called themself a professional trainer. I had saved the softest, easiest puppy for her and now she did not want him. I kept him myself - that was my Oberon. I silently thanked her for backing out many, many times over the years. Obi and Gwen were both wonderful, sweet, smart and loving Labs. I will miss them more than I can say - but now they are back together and playing again with their mom, Birdie. Don't be too hard on her you kids, you know she is totally indulgent. Good-bye my friends - I love you all.

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