Thursday, May 31, 2007

Adopt a Rescue Dog

This is my current foster dog, Molly Sue. I am fostering her for Rudy's Rescue which is a Labrador Retriever rescue group based in Rochester, NY. I don't know how much Lab she has in her (she is a hound-doggy mix), but she is a real sweetie who was saved from a kill shelter in Kentucky. She is barely 6 months old and will make some family a wonderful companion. She is as affectionate and attentive as a good Labrador and likes to swim in our pond. At barely 30 lbs she is not the least bit timid to 'run with the big dogs'. I like this silly picture of her. She reminds us of the cute black sister to the Grinch's dog, Max, (as drawn by Dr. Seuss) so for fun we are calling her Molly Sue Who.

She has had lots of training since she arrived and that alone would make her adoption price worthwhile. Add in the fact that she is such a fun little dog and that 100% of the donation goes to help save other dogs in need and it is clear that adopting a rescue dog is a great way to find a good friend and make a difference. Wherever you are there are dogs needing loving homes and rescue groups working to save them.

I plan to make some new Labrador Retriever and dog paintings to help raise funds for Rudy's Rescue. Check back for sneak peaks and updates.

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