Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Black Lab Painting with Wine and Friends

It has been way too long since my last post, but at least it is because I have been happily busy. The holidays and new year were celebrated and enjoyed, custom Lab Art commissions continue to entertain and challenge me, and I have added new experiences to my daily routine - most notably, playing along with Namaste Yoga on FitTv every morning. I love it! My OtterTail dogs are all well and we are on the downhill side of winter. The year is fresh with great new adventures.
Between custom portraits and art projects I did squeeze in one painting just for fun. This latest version of "Wine is Best Shared with Friends" is a black Lab painting (or any black dog) done in my most simple style. It is acrylic on watercolor paper and has been donated to Labrador Life Line for the annual Labor of Love Auction. This is an on-line auction fund-raising event that I hope will draw many generous bidders. Your shopping for Lab-related items will donate money for Labrador Retrievers in need. The auction runs Feb. 8th through the 23rd, 2008. I have also donated a fine art giclee print of my yellow Lab painting titled "A Head Pillow is Nice". Giclee Prints of these and more of my Labrador Retriever paintings are available at my ImageKind gallery. The original yellow Labrador painting of my wine drinking dog is available directly from me. It is acrylic on canvas board.
Thanks for stopping by to read what's new. I resolve to update more often! Best wishes for a great new year to everyone.

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