Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Labrador Retriever Rescue Dogs Need Your Love

Meet our newest foster dog. He is a 5 month old yellow Lab we are calling Eli (to commemorate the NY football Giant's superbowl win). I am fostering him for Rudy's Rescue, a non-profit group based in Rochester, NY. Eli came from a puppy mill where he lived in a barn with lots of other dogs and little human interaction. When I picked him up he was terrified of everything, but after a warm bath and yummy meal you could almost see his little mind opening. This is only his 4th day with us, but he is coming out of his shell and progressing quickly. Eli is a sweet guy with lots of potential. He enjoys playing with toys and the 3 other Labrador Retrievers who live here now. They set excellent examples for any Labrador puppy to follow and learn. It is rewarding to help Labs in need through fostering dogs, donating my Labrador Retriever artwork and designs and a portion of profits from my Lab paintings and photographs which I sell as prints and on clothing and other products. You can support Lab rescue by bidding on wonderful dog gifts available right now at the Labrador Life Line auction online. Or help save the rest of the dogs at Eli's puppy mill by purchasing my designated OtterTail Lab Art t-shirts, home products and gifts for dog lovers.

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