Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Lab Rescue leads to Happy Labrador Adoption

Our sweet foster rescue Lab puppy, Eli, was happily adopted 3 weeks ago and is adjusting well. How could you not love that adorable yellow Labrador Retriever face? Eli came such a long way in the time he spent with us, it is wonderful to see him move on to his forever home and continue to grow and learn. I joked that he made it "from barn to bed" in one week, and his progress grew from there! He learned to walk nicely on a loose leash, even sitting whenever I stopped, he learned to sit, down, and come on cue, to make eye contact and give kisses. There were SO MANY new things - stairs, crates, car rides - it was a joy to watch him blossom. He even learned to voluntarily jump into the dog shower for a bath after our daily muddy walks and stand quietly for washing. He especially loved being dried - it was like having a massage! I think he is a hose dog in the making - I admit I have a soft spot for hose dogs! Eli is still a bit shy of strangers, but he is responding well to all of the new challenges. He has a dog loving family and we know he will have a very happy life. We do look forward to visits from Eli and his new "pack" in the future! I also plan to make some of my pictures of this sweet yellow Lab available on products with 100% of profits going to support Labrador Retriever rescue. Look for news about shopping at OtterTail Lab Art to donate to Lab rescue this spring and visit my OtterTail Art for Dog Lovers Shop for Labrador Retriever t-shirts and other fun clothing, gifts, prints, and products. Support Labrador rescue for a rewarding experience and give a gift to the sweet Lab souls who are so full of love.

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